Ecommerce is one of the biggest businesses nowadays. A lot of new entrants to the industry are around, and there are surely more to come. There’s a lot you’ll need to prepare if you decide to start an ecommerce business of your own, too.

Once you have your website ready, your inventory ready, and your delivery partner is ready to go, you are now prepared to serve your customers. Making your first sale on your new online store is no walk in the park, though.

Here are some ways that can help a small ecommerce store make its first sale:


Maximize your Social Media Reach

A lot of ecommerce businesses bank on the power of social media for them to make sales. You can set up your business’ own Facebook page; you can network through LinkedIn; you can post videos on Youtube; you can stir discussions on Twitter; you can engage through Instragram and many more. There are many social media channels that you can use to reach potential customers.

Social media channels are known for many free ways to do online marketing. The creation of an account for your business, and posting marketing materials there will suffice. But if you would like to maximise the power of social media, then going for their paid ads should be considered. Paid ads are targeted to specific subsets of their large user base, and this helps you reach your target customers, helping make your campaign more effective to those who are more likely to buy.

However, since you are just starting out, you should experiment first with free methods of digital marketing through social media. There are lots of free marketing you can do such as posting images, sharing videos, and publishing textual content. Also, work on increasing your followers as this is essential to the success of a social media marketing campaign. You should go for paid ads once you have enough time and resources to do so.


Send Free Stuff to Influencers

You can jumpstart your ecommerce venture by reaching out to social media influencers, or people who command a large following. These people do influence their numerous followers, and if these influencers endorse your products, then their followers are likely to purchase them.

One great way to get in touch with influencers is by sending out product samples to them. And if the influencer likes your product, he or she is likely to mention your product, which in turn, would stir the interest of their followers. It would really lead to these followers trying to follow what their idol is doing.

It would be great if you can talk to the influencer in person so that you would know if he or she is the person you’re looking to associate your brands with as it is an important consideration. You are trying to put a face on your brand, so you’ll have to be extra cautious on who you partner with.


Do Giveaways and Contests

A lot of new entrants also practice sending away products in the form of giveaways, or contests. Doing this gives a good first impression of your brand, and will also stimulate interest in what you’re giving out.

These two are also great ways for which you can engage customers. Engaging customers help make them more attached to the business, and would more likely purchase with you.

Your contest should be cleverly planned. A lame contest would not be given the attention you want.
Giveaways, on the other hand, should revolve around an exciting enough product. This usually refers to your products that you would like to introduce to them.


Ask Help from Your Family and Friends

A common practice for starting businesses is seeking the help of your family and friends. Most of the time, they are more than willing to support your endeavor. Not only can they be your first customers, but they can also reach out to their own friends so that your business can earn more followers.

If you have the capacity, reward your friends and family for referring their other connections as they make a purchase. Not only will this encourage them to make more referrals, but this would help start a positive word of mouth about your brand, something that can be truly helpful for a start up business.


Go Door to Door

You may also try a traditional form of marketing – going door-to-door – but only for the intent of informing them of your new business. You shouldn’t hard sell as this will defeat the purpose of venturing into ecommerce. Just inform them that you have started an ecommerce business and that they are part of your service area so it would be great if they will give it a try. Provide some promotions that are exclusive to those that you will be able to visit so that they would be more interested in trying your business out.

This is just the 1st part of our 4-part blog post series on How to Make Your First Sale. Watch out next week for the 2nd part wherein we’ll talk about how you can take advantage of Google products to make your very first sale.